Voice Actor in A2, MI

Non-Union, Mixed Race (Asian/Caucasian), Cis-het Femme

Commercial Demo

Broadcast Quality Home Studio🎙️ SE 2200, Rode NT1-A
🎛️ Scarlett 2i2
💻 MacBook Pro (outside booth)
💿 Logic Pro, iZotope RX 10
📱 Source Connect, Zoom, Google Meet, etc

Video Game Sample Reel

Previous Commercial Work

Raw Studio

Albina Virgila, the Flamina - King Arthur: Legion IX
Now Available on PC

English dub voice of "Axia" - Ruff Ghanor
Available on PC, Xbox, and PS5

Lore Narrator - Mad Viking Games
Upcoming release "Ashes of Idunn"

Bare Necessities

Impossible Objects

Kaplan Test Prep

Titania - Tales Beyond the Vale


Camio Mio - Bare Necessities

Past Clients


Select Training

University of Michigan- BFA Performance Arts TechnologyPrivate Coaching-
Eddie Cooper (commercial), Chris Borders (interactive)

Video GamesJeremy HallVoices Voicecasting
Voice Acting WorkoutMelissa MedínaStudioNPC
Notes From CastingSara SecoraStudioNPC
Truth of CharacterDave FennoyGVAA
Online Voice Acting WorkshopCrispin FreemanVoice Acting Mastery
Video Game WorkoutJoe HernandezStudio NPC
Commercial VO WorkoutCraig Lee ThomasReal Voice LA
Character VO WorkoutMatt RuddReal Voice LA
Video Game WorkshopVictoria GraceStudio NPC
Animation Hot SeatsBrook ChalmersSkillsHub
Gaming Hot SeatsChris BordersSkillsHub
Advanced Video Game ActingSarah NightingaleNightingale Voices
Voice Acting WorkshopChris TergliaferaStudio NPC
Monster and Creature VoicesSebastien CroteauThe Halp Network
Being DirectableChris CasonCassandra Lee Morris
Transformation Through ImprovMark BeltzmanGo Comedy! Improv Theater
D Casellian is represented by DDO Agency


D is a lifelong artist and performer with a mighty need to spice up everyday life with some extra brilliance. She has a versatile mid-low voice that's as comfortable playing villains, warriors, and goddesses as it is delivering sassy, friendly, or compassionate reads.Starting in 2008, she trained, performed, and instructed in stunt work, stage combat, fire spinning, and aerial arts. D has operated a movement arts studio in Ann Arbor since 2013, teaching people with a similar need for a more epic life how to do objectively dangerous stuff for fun.When not in the booth or disqualifying herself from life insurance, D can be found button mashing her Steam Deck, watching geeky TV, playing with her preschooler, writing screenplays, singing at the top of her lungs behind the wheel, or wondering where the heck that bruise came from (it's an aerialist thing).

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Movement arts

Lightsaber Combat Reel

D has been practicing movement arts since the age of 3.She is the owner of Ringstar Studio, an aerial fitness facility in Ann Arbor, MI where she teaches aerial silks, hand balancing, and flexibility.For 14 years she was an instructor and performer in stage combat and stunt work including high falls, mini trampoline, western swordplay (rapier, broadsword) and other weapons (quarterstaff, hand to hand, bullwhip), fly rigging, and safety training for firearms handling and fire performance.In 2015 she obtained her YT200. She has taught yoga classes for the University of Michigan and Washtenaw Community College, as well as at conventions for up to 100 people.Since 2014 she has danced as the "horny devil" at Detroit's infamous Halloween masquerade, Theatre Bizarre.She has taught, performed, and/or rigged for hundreds of clients including:-Michigan Opera Theater
-Detroit Symphony Orchestra
-Fox Theater Detroit
-META State Thespian Festival
-KCACTF National Thespian Festival
-Youma Con
-Midwest Media Expo
-Bay City Tall Ships Celebration
-Motor City Irish Festival


Knights of Zoria

Original Feature Screenplay (Currently in Revisions)

When a pair of aging Hollywood has-beens go on a quest to relive their glory days, they get more than they bargained for when a magic talisman elects them to defeat a dragon.Animation with separate live action scenes. Est. 90 minute runtime.

Transformers Thirteen

Spec Series Based on "The Covenant of Primus"
and the Hasbro "Transformers" Toy Franchise

In a lifetime before the Great War, Optimus- one of the thirteen original Primes- is the key to defeating their archnemesis Unicron, and to holding his family together in the dark aftermath.CG animated half hour episodes